Oprah Winfrey – Firewalking at UPW 2011

Oprah spent part of her weekend at UPW 2011 in Los Angeles. Here you can see her, making the walk with extreme confidence and pushing herself across. Its definitely a strong look and show of how determined Oprah can be.

The article can be found on Tony Robbins Training Blog giving a great write-up on that event in LA. Tonys experiences that day.

“I was especially privileged to have Oprah at this event. For years I have described her as the ultimate example of someone who’s overcome the most extreme odds to create an extraordinary life of service & contribution. My team worked hard to preserve her privacy during the event so that she could have her OWN experience and be herself. I was thrilled that she stayed for the entire 12 hours, played full out and—in spite of significant fear—was one of the first to storm across the fire!  I am sure you will be seeing more of this on her new series launching on OWN – OPRAH’s NEXT CHAPTER which launches in January.”

Oprah will be launching a new show beginning in 2012 called Oprahs Next Chapter, where she is no longer on stage and is out in the elements with the people instead of on stage sitting in the confined chairs in front of an audience. I am excited to see this event when it airs. More details will be on her site. You can see the original picture and Tweet directly from Oprah. @Oprah Tweet

I will post information about this episode soon.

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Oprah at UPW 2011 - Firewalk








  • toddius maximus


    We did with Oprah this year @ UPW - we can do ANYTHING !!!

  • Marie-Suzy St-Louis


    Awesome to see Oprah doing this. This is something I must do one day soon!

  • Maria


    Im excited for her and you. You're both two of my dearest life friends and mentors to me my kids and husband !

  • Fredrick Hahn


    Thanks for the GREAT day Tony. An amazing event and a thrill indeed!!

  • Hemant Trivedi


    I am reading Tony Robbins book "Unlimited Power" in that book he has mentioned about this (FireWalk). He said that you can do this by changing your internal representation. Iam not skeptical about this, but I am amazed and want to ask Does it not affect one's skin who is doing firewalk?

  • Diane H.


    It can affect your skin if you don't do it properly. I have done it six times and once there was an area the size of a quarter that was tender and slightly red but only hurt when I had shoes on, not when I was barefoot. After a month, the skin peeled in that area, but there wasn't a blister originally. Looking back, I wasn't in state as far as I needed to be....probably because after you first do it, it seems so easy! An amazing experience!

  • Michelle Sears


    Oprah does look very strong and determined to walk the fire! I am an official firewalker myself and know the true feeling of joy and openness that came from that experience. I went to UPW in Chicago this year and it literally changed my life. I recommend this event to every single person on the planet. I will open you up to endless possibilities. Thank you Tony!

  • Angie Alaniz


    Been there and done that and it's diffidently a life changing experience. To see Oprah do it the fire walk surely makes me smile. :)

  • Gary Collesian


    Having done numerous "walks", my last totalling 75', and actually assisting in building the fires with Fireteam, then getting home to all the naysayers and non-believers that have never done a Firewalk stating that it's fixed somehow, it is really great to see the attention UPW is getting and how real that it can help you change your life no matter what your circumstance. The physical power of the mind is limitless, amazing, controllable, and possible for everyone!

  • Anand


    I'm not here to hurt anyone feelings or question their confidence level. But, when it comes to fire walking, kindly read the below article to realize the science behind this.

    • Dave


      Anand, nice try, in actuality though you're article is a little off and does not factor in the reality of these events and the documented heat of the firewalk coals. If one is not "in-state", one can be burned. All the best though.

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